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Blue Cruise

The atmosphere is regularly Mediterranean with dry and sweltering summer months, the warmth brought about by the Meltemi winds is tolerable. The Meltemi blows from mid June as far as possible of September in this prevalent cruising district for the most part from the late morning until nightfall, where he accomplished his most noteworthy quality with up to 6 Beaufort evening.

On the west side of the Gulf rough blasts may happen. Long chain and rope land downwind are suggested amid the blue journey gocek occasions here for a protected compartment. In spring and fall low weight frameworks can travel through the district. In the fall likewise serious tempests may happen. The best cruising period is from May to November. Turkish blue cruise diagrams are extremely exact. An earthbound route with compass and ocean graph is adequate. In narrows where there are bars, for the most part there is a wharf.