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Boat Maintenance

GENERAL TOOLS 1) Place dehumidifiers into the vessel and pour over the water accumulated over time, refresh. 2) Attach the case to protect your crane and rudders. 3) Keep the covers of the electronics closed. 4) Land the boat every year, water sander, 2 times toxic paint. 5) Replace water in the body and impeller under water every year. 6) Have a polishing paint at least twice a year. If sailing is new, do not make pastry for at least 3 years; 7) Spray the propeller with a spray of toxic paint. 8) Have the engine maintenance done every 200 hours or once a year. Change the oil, oil filter, diesel filter and imprints every year. 9) Tighten the protective spray on your valves and keep them greasy.

10) Check fender air, replace if the ropes are old and press air if necessary. 11) Replace your seat ropes before they are worn, and in the stormy months of winter, connect double seat ropes. 12) If you are not going to use your boat in winter and summer, unscrew the ropes, install the guide. Protect from sun and winter wear. 13) Check the engine's antifreeze and renew every 2 years, even if new. 14) Take care of the gelcoat fractures on the boat, have it repaired and prevent water from getting into the fiber. 15) If you are not using your boat in winter, remove and remove your bimini and sprayhood. 16) Check all groundings and grounding lines against lightning once a year.