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Main Sail Genoa Sail

Effect of the Main Sail The sailing yachts are the main sail, which is behind the sail, which makes the sailing boat closer to the wind and in another way has a repressive effect. Salma serves as the balance center of the boat. This equilibrium center provides a balance between the belt line and the bow-pupa line. The main sail and the other sails remaining behind the swing will have an ordeal. The Impact of Genoa Sailing The Genoa sail will remain in front of the balance center as it will be in front of the mast and the keel. The Genoa sail will have the effect of opening the sail boat with the force it produces. I mean, the sailing boat will go nuts. Just looking at the Genoa sailing course is correct?

Because many amateur sailors are easy to use and do not want to open the main sail in hard weather, they only sail through the genoa sail. In hard and medium hard weather, sailing boats can find sufficient walking force with the geneva sail. The sailboat sails only by the genus sail, approaching the wind and luffing ability is greatly reduced. However, it is difficult to provide sufficient force with only the geneva sail in light weather. Therefore, it will be very difficult to take tram with only the geneva sail in light weather. It is not only easy to speed up the sailing boat with the geneva sail. With a single sail, the sail will not be easy enough to accelerate. Therefore, the main sail and geneva sail should be used together as far as possible due to the design of the sailboats. When the sailing area becomes too much in hard weather, it will be the most convenient way to first sail to the main sail and then to the canoe to the genoa sail.