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The right yacht mooring technique for novices

We have written a lot of articles about anchoring, but in this article I write for novices, I'm going to write a summary. I list the common mistakes in anchoring and the appropriate anchoring methods. 1) The first place to be considered in anchorage is the appropriate place selection. Looking at the situation of the wind, the appropriate depth is selected, the iron directions and places of the anchored boats around the area are decided and decided. 2) To make safe anchoring, it is necessary to calend as much as possible so that the places above 10 meters can not be secured in the hard weather for sailboats with 50 meters and under chain. Try to throw the iron to 10 meters and below.

3) When you decide to anchor, make sure that there are no other boats and no vaults. 4) If you are going to anchor, you should give it to the wind and anchor it. 5) But if you will anchor by taking the shore from the coast, your ass should look at where you will take it, the wind does not matter. 6) Take a trip over the area where you will be anchored and check the depths. In this way, you will know how long to approach the shore. 7) You must stop the boat and stop the anchor. There is no possibility of holding the anchor of a boat coming from the forward road area and the fast lathe. 8) Leave the iron quickly when you stop the boat and slowly start to move. It is sometimes slower to be released by electric windlass, so the lathe should go very slowly. 9) The anchor must read the meter signs on the iron and tell the helm. At least 5 times the depth of iron will be safe to discard. 10) During the removal of iron, the lathe should not be accelerated because the tip of the iron will not be able to be reintroduced as soon as it is released from Eminin, and it will collect whatever is at the bottom.