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Manufacture of Work Boats

Pilot boats are manufactured to guide ships from open seas to port. Although it is small in size, it is pilot boats, other boats and other boats. They are usually circulated at sea and are used to guide ships that are about to leave the port. Pilot boats are found among the sea vehicles, which are manufactured quite frequently by the companies manufacturing boat boats in our country. Numerous pilot boats are manufactured by Turkish maritime companies every year to various parts of the world. The boats are among the most needed and produced sea vehicles on the seas. The areas of use are quite widespread and vary in their purpose. Generally it is used to strengthen the bridges and to ensure the removal of the batik vessels. There are also machine and machine-less versions of the bins. It can be produced from materials such as hair, steel and wood, but steel pontoon is preferred. In our country, there are highly competent companies in the field of steel pontoon production and in this field, Turkish companies are contributing to our country's economy and shipyards by exporting at a much higher rate compared to their competitors in other countries.

The construction of the mooring boats between the vessels is taken by taking the mooring ropes of the ships that are on the side of the coast. In addition to being small in size, it is a very useful and functional marine vehicle. Usually, they are used only for this purpose.