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Yacht tourism in the world

The Tourism Yacht Management Certificate is now used to enable foreign yachts to roam with the Turkish flag. Problems in yacht tourism We cannot adequately assess the potential of yacht tourism in the diversification of tourism in our country. In addition, there are many threats to the sustainable development of this type of tourism. At the beginning of these threats, protection of sea cleaning, especially the destruction of fish farms caused by the destruction of demand, created by the major force of global events, renewal of fleet of enterprises melted, bureaucratic obstacles and restrictions in front of obtaining a business certificate and a more comprehensive overview of the Yacht Tourism Master Plan coming to be prepared. The issue of renewal financing The capacity of the Yacht Tourism Regulation and Ministry Certified Yacht Enterprises has reached certain standards. However, a significant portion of the yacht capacity, which is not certified by the Ministry, consists of old or outdated boats. Renewal of this capacity is a major problem in front of yacht tourism. Especially, natural disasters since 1999, followed by yacht tourism, which is one of the tourism types that September 11 and the wars have affected negatively in certain markets.

6 In such an environment, the fact that banks do not accept the boats belonging to these enterprises as mortgages in the request of the creditors of the boats that have the time to renew their boat makes it difficult to overcome the problem of renewal. Major owners of the most important capital and assets of their owners, the owners spend a large part of their resources on maintenance of boats that require constant maintenance. As such, most of these are actually SMEs (they cannot benefit from SME Incentives). Under these conditions,